I grew up in the heart of the California wine country, where I learned nothing about wine except how to pronounce “Sauvignon Blanc” without mangling it. In 2008, I headed to Portland, Oregon for college, and began a great love affair with coffee, food cart takeout, and the tiny but mighty hazelnut.

This blog is, I suppose, a graduation-challenge to myself. Food was hardly my academic focus in school–on a wild whim I selected the most unfamiliar subject possible, picked up an Introduction to Ancient Greek textbook on my first day of college, and never looked back from my study of Classics. Yet I have always found food to be a comfort and a curiosity, and upon graduating I’ve decided that it’s time to turn my attention toward all kinds of edible inspiration.

I won’t sell this as a diehard “food blog”–I am an impatient cook and a world-class nibbler, and I would much rather ogle kale in the grocery store or sneak the crispy bits off a roast chicken than develop and document my own recipes. That may change as I spend more time in the kitchen, but for now, you can expect to find all kinds of little tidbits here on my site. My interests range from the academic to the personal: I’m just as happy reading about food science and history as I am hearing about your favorite family recipes, and I plan to incorporate all of these topics in my own writing.

Elsewhere on the web, I am the social media manager for the inimitable David Leite’s Leite’s Culinaria. You can check in with me there, as well.

If you need to know more about what you’re in for, I’ll leave you with this: I can never resist a bad pun, a raised waffle, or a beautiful Maillard reaction.

Thanks to the Reed College Switchboard Team for this photo.

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